Jul 27th Virtual Private Servers = SSD disks

Our Virtual Private Servers have fast SSD storage.

Feb 18th Microsoft Windows 2008

CIF Tech includes in its offering for EU dedicated servers the option to install Windows Webserver 2008 or Windows Standard Edition 2008

Feb 11th Virtual Private Servers Relaunched

We've updated our Virtual Private Servers plans to include more RAM memory, at the same price.

May 10th XEON Nehalem Dedicated Servers

CIF Tech is offering dedicated servers with Xeon Nehalem processors and OCZ Vertex 2 SSD disks.

Sep 23rd SSL Certificates

We are offering now SSL certificates by GeoTrust, Comodo and RapidSSL

Sep 1st Free .com domain

For any new server (VPS or dedicated) purchased in September we are offering 1 .com domain free registration

Apr 13th Parallels Plesk licenses

CIF Tech is offering Parallels Plesk licenses at good prices

Nov 18th 3x more memory

During winter holidays, CIF Tech is doubling the disk space for the virtual servers and increases 3 times the amount of RAM for the US hosted servers

Oct 29th US dedicated servers

CIF Tech includes in its offer dedicated servers hosted in SVTIX (Silicon Valley Telecom & Internet Exchange)