The Basics of LXAdmin

Accessing the control panel

https://yourdomain:7777 - You can access the control panel securly using SSL through any hosted domain by putting :7777 at the end of the domain.

login screen


Changing your password

To change your password, click client home and then on the top right corner, you will see the password tab. Click on it and fill in your existing password and the new password twice and click Update.

change password


Creating a domain account

Before adding a new Domain account, you have to create a Plan for the Domain account.

 1. Add a Domain Plan

Go to the "Client Home" page
Click on "Domain Plans" icon.

add domain plan

Click the "Add Domain Plan" tab.

Enter the Plan requirements:

Enter a Plan name
Enter a Description for the Plan
Select an IP Address from the IP Pool
Select a DNS Template from the list of DNS Templates

The Maximum Value on the right shows your current quota limit set by the Administrator

Enter a Disk Space Usage Limit in MB
Enter the maximum number Of Subdomains allowed
Enter the maximum Disk Space allocated for Mail usage
Enter the maximum number of Auto Responders allowed
Enter the maximum number of Mail Accounts allowed
Enter the maximum number of Mailing Lists allowed
Enter the Traffic Usage Limit per month in MB
Enter the maximum number of mySQL databases allowed
Enter the maximum number of Domain users allowed
Enter the maximum number of Addon Domains allowed
Allow changing the logo or not
Allow enabling SSL or not
Allow enabling Statistics or not
Allow enabling CGI or not
Allow enabling PHP or not
Allow enabling ASP.NET (will be ignored on a Linux server) or not
Allow Scheduler Management or not
Allow Back Up or not
Allow DNS Management or not
Enable Catchall - selecting "bounce" will bounce all emails sent to a non-existing email address, which "postmaster" will forward emails that are sent to a non-existant email address to the default postmaster email address

Now Click the "Add" button to create the new Domain plan. You can always edit the Plan details from the Domain Plans page

You have now created a Domain plan


2. Add a domain account

Go back to the "Client Home" page and click the "Domains" button

To create a new domain account, click on the "Add Domain" tab on the top

add domain

Enter the following information in the next page to create a domain account:

Domain name
Password (twice for confirmation)
Contact email address
If you want to send a Welcome email automatically to the user, enable the "Send Welcome Message" check box.
Select the Plan which you created earlier from the drop down list
Now click the "Add" button.

Note: While adding a domain, Lxadmin will automatically create a primary FTP user which would be of the form domaincom .

You will now be able to view the newly added domain in the list of domains under the "Domains" page.


Signing out

To sign out, click on the Logout button

sign out

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